The Best 43″ 5 in 1 Reflector

I haven’t written a review in a couple of weeks as I have had an absurd amount of work lately.  However, after waiting for over a month to get this Neewer Multi-Disc Light Reflector I finally had it show up at my door and got to use it the very next day for a fashion shoot.  I have to admit, the shipping time kinda pissed me off a little but when I opened the package I was impressed.  The build quality for the reflector, the zippers and the carrying pouch is top notch and I don’t expect it will be falling apart on me … ever. In fact, I am so impressed with the quality I will most likely order another (maybe more lol) just to have in case a rogue 100km/h wind decides to steal it away from me on a location shoot or someone accidentally sets fire to it or something.


Neewer 5 in 1 43″ Reflector

I am not being sponsored by Neewer nor am I being given any other type of compensation to promote this product.  However, I have no problem recommending top notch, affordable gear that people should know about.  I obviously can’t speak for everyone on this, but where I live, a white 42″ reflector costs around $75 at my local camera store.  With this you get 5 different surfaces (white, gold, silver etc), 43″ surface area, same if not better build quality and you pay $30.  Seems like an epic deal to me.


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