17-40mm F4L, Canon Lens

Canon 17-40mm F4L

The gear spotlight will feature one of my favorite lenses, the 17-40mm F4L.

17-40mm F4L, Canon Lens

My personal reasons for why this lens kicks ass:

  • its an L lens thus its built to last;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • it provides reliable, consistent results;
  • its decently small and light;
  • optics are great;
  • its USM meaning quiet focusing;
  • it compliments a full frame camera nicely on the wide end;
  • the 16-35mm F2.8L is 1700$ at bhphotovideo.com (2x the price); and
  • its smells like its made of win.

Now for the bad:

  • hmm……

Now you might say “but, but… there is some distortion when wide open cuz I saw some sample shots on this other site”.  Well there is that but we are going to do a real world review here.  A world where Photoshop and Lightroom exist and pixel peeping does not. If we are going down that road id also like to say that at 40mm this lens gives more consistent results than a 24-70mm F2.8L (not sure about the mark II and I don’t plan on acquiring one unless its through donation) and the 24-105mm F4L. Its worth noting this might depend on the copy you have but regardless, this lens will provide you with the results you need/expect.

This lens is also decent on a crop sensor body.  If you want the wide angle though you are better off getting the 10-22 EF-S for the money.  As you may already know the the Canon aps-c crop factor is 1.6x.  So if you are going to put the 17-40 on a aps-c you are actually getting 27-64 which is not really optimal.  I suppose its decent for a walk around lens but really you can do better for the price with the EF-S lenses.  If you are planning on going full frame in the recent future you may still want to consider it.

Optional accessories include the smiley face lens cap anti loss device as featured in the page photo. Now while this feature automatically provides the benefit of not having to shop for additional lens caps on eBay, it also has the benefit of attracting positive attention your way ;).


Thank you for reading!


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