Inukshuk Kananaskis

Hiking Sulphur Mountain, Castle Mountain and Upper Kananaskis Lake

All 3 in a week! Now that its almost August, it is the best time to hike the Rockies.  All the hungry animals have, hopefully, been well fed, the bugs are a bit less annoying and, most importantly, the weather has been cooperating.

As you may or may not know, Sulphur Mountain is located in Banff.  You can park in town, grab some snacks and make your way up to where the gondola is.  Of course, you will not be taking the gondola because you will hike the 5.5 km, 655 m elevation gain trail instead.  While it is relatively steep it’s not too bad.  The trail is well taken care of and the terrain is stable.  

On the day I went I got to experience a bit of everything.  There were bears, rain, and glorious sunshine.  Even with the rain, the terrain remained stable and the hike was actually more refreshing especially since the rain put down a lot of the smoke from the recent forest fires in the area.

When you do make your way to the top, you get rewarded with this:


Upper Lake Kananaskis was also quite amazing.  The weather was equally amazing and there was a lot of wildlife out on the roads.  Upper Lake is about 40 minutes west from Kananaskis Village but it is worth the drive.

Here are some images from the hike around the lake:

Finally,  yesterday I hiked Castle Mountain.  This hike is north of the town of Banff and about half way to Lake Louise.  It is about 3km north of the popular Johnston Canyon hike but unlike the Johnston Canyon hike Castle is much more difficult.  The terrain is very rocky and if you continue on past the lookout point where there is basically no trail left, you are scrambling.  That being said, you are again rewarded with some impressive scenery.  The redundancy of that statement will always be reflective of the splendor of the Rocky Mountains.

Below is a shot from the Castle hike:

Thank you for reading!