Dorothy Alberta

Dorothy Alberta

Its Saturday at 4:00 a.m. with a temperature of -20 Celsius (feels like … pain… with wind). A sane person would choose a warm bed but we are photographers! Sleeping, what’s that? I don’t think so! Why sleep in a warm bed when you could be out in the freezing cold in a ghost town somewhere out in the countryside.

Actually, I was planning another routine trip to the mountains this weekend.  However, I asked a good friend of mine to come out and join me.  When I discovered that snow shoes were still “recommended” for the area I was planning on hiking, we decided that was a bit too much trouble given the terrain in the area.  He suggested instead that we play around a bit with the cool tints of blue hour.  While golden hour lighting and colors are not overrated, they are most certainly overdone.  So I gladly agreed to his fantastic idea which he backed up with another even more awesome idea of going to the ghost town of Dorothy Alberta.  What better to accompany the depressing cold than an equally depressing setting (hahaha).

I must apologize about the one photo taken of the piano inside one of the churches there.  We did in fact seek refuge from the elements for just a few minutes until we regained feeling in our hands and feet again so that shot doesn’t represent the theme I am going for ;).

I hope you enjoy the photos.  I especially loved the frost on the hood of the car.

Thank you for reading!


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