Driving to Kelowna

I was planning on driving to Kelowna BC for a friends wedding.  A DVR I ordered came in the mail the night before I took off.  What better way to test it out than to record a 5 hour drive.  At least I thought it was going to be 5 hours like usual.  I didn’t expect an accident to tie up the highway for a couple hours.  Given how people drive in Western Canada in general though I can’t say I am surprised.

With the occasion of this trip I have also started a YouTube channel.  I have decided I want to document my trips, hikes, vacations and generally my outdoor expeditions (regardless of size) in both video and stills.  My main goal with this blog and, now, with the YouTube channel, is to take you guys with me on my journeys.  I want to share my experiences and display parts of the world that may be less accessible to some.  I often find myself looking at places I wish I could visit but I have yet to find the time and/or resources to make it possible.  So I wish to provide this service to others.

Being new to video, I fully expect my first few vids to suck so feel free to send me emails or leave a comment with feedback on how to improve.


Below are the links to the YouTube channel for your convenience.








Thanks for reading/watching!


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