Speedlight Considerations: 2014

Light IS photography.  If you are looking to get an external flash to play with or optimize your existing flash setup, here is a list of speedlights I found particularly interesting for 2014. If you are just getting started with flash photography I encourage you to check out the Strobist blog to get yourself acquainted with the Continue reading


Backup Your Photos

My previous post in the gear section made a big deal about tripods.  Placing thousands of dollars worth of equipment on something that isn’t stable is like foregoing insurance for a Ferrari. You might as well just roll your camera down the mountain yourself. Okay, so I am exaggerating a little just to illustrate my Continue reading


Photography, Tripods

Are You a Terminator? Part II

As previously discussed, tripods are rather important when it comes to photography.  Even if cameras are getting smaller and lighter, it is we, the users, who ultimately fail in the stability part of the equation. When people realize the need for a tripod, they go online and find a million different sites and resources telling Continue reading