New Sony A7 and A6000 Cameras Confirmed!!

New Sony A7 and A6000 cameras confirmed!!

UPDATE (24/04/2015):  No new bodies have been released at the much anticipated April 23rd conference.  However, we get two new Zeiss A mount lenses that are quite nice. They were promised to us last November and the  Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm F2.8 ZA SSM II and 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM II have now finally materialized.  Expect both to be $2000+.  If we don’t see anything in terms of an A6000II or A7RII by the start of June, it may be that Sony will push release dates as far back as Q4 or Q1 early next year. has just posted this photo which they got from wikileaks a few hours ago.


Sony Products Launch Calendar

Sony Products Launch Calendar

Despite the disappointing show from Sony at CP+, it was to be expected.  Last year they did the exact same thing waiting for their own product launch in April to monopolize the spotlight.  What this most likely will mean is that instead of the coveted A9 series which will mostly likely not come out until later this year or perhaps in 2016, the A7RII will, instead, be making an appearance later this month.  I sincerely hope that a new A6000 series camera is actually referring to the A7000 which would be the successor to the NEX -7.  However, if it ends up being an A6000 II with on sensor image stabilization, I will be satisfied with that as well.  A bit of weather sealing and a more robust build for a few extra dollars would also be a step in the right direction in my personal opinion.

The RX series is quite nice.  However, for me, I prefer having the ability to swap out lenses.  I do not have much to say on this except good on Sony for improving on all their hardware.  RX cameras have always provided exceptionally good IQ.  For the money they better! 🙂

Finally, some long anticipated rumors are making their way into the light.  I am very excited to say the least!

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