CP+ 2015 and Project Ideas

2015 has been a really busy year for me so far.  I haven’t been able to sit down and write anything that wouldn’t feel rushed.

Even though it’s basically February already, I can finally put some words on a page!

CP+ 2015

Yes! It is in fact almost February and that means CP+ is less than a couple weeks away.  Why am I excited you ask? Well as you know, even though I am a Canon shooter, I have become exceedingly interested in the Sony E mount system.  According to www.sonyalpharumors.com (which has given this rumor a rating of SR5 which, for them, usually means it’s going to happen) the A9 will be announced at this event.  Speculation has it that the A9 is in fact not a replacement for the A7R (the A7 mark II has already been released) but is in fact a high end professional grade E mount beast that is touted to have a new breed of sensor bringing around 50MP to the table and, with that, an updated version of the focusing system currently available in the a6000 (a6000 is one of the best, if not the best aps-c class cameras as of the time of this writing).  That is pretty sexy stuff!  Now, given that the A7II has a 5 axis in body stabilization, it would make sense that this rumored A9 will have something superior.  Anyway, as far as rumors go, this is very exciting.  I am also curious to see if a A7RII is also coming if the A9 is in fact a step above.

Regarding Sony, I have faith that when it comes to camera bodies, they will deliver (lenses are another story but its slowly happening).  However, the more interesting news is that Canon (omg they still exist… as a user I have paid enough for their gear to bash them) may also be entering the mirrorless world for real (we can all forget about the Canon M already).  Rumor has it that they are also working on a really high megapixel camera and, as shocking as this may be,  the sensor might actually be coming from Sony.  I know Canon execs have stated that they feel Canon sensors are the best.  I am glad to see they are finally waking up to smell the coffee.  It’s about time too.  If they do step up and provide an adequate product, given that I have a lot of L glass, I may stick around.  If however they do not, the A9 becomes a reality and Sony releases the native lenses they promised us this year, Canon will definitely lose another customer this time.

2015 Trips and Projects

So I am late to the 2015 resolution train but here we go.  To be fair, these aren’t really so much resolutions but tentative travel plans ;).

For 2015 I am really hoping to do a serious 6 week photography trip.  There are a lot of choices but I think my top two at the moment would be Iceland and Japan.  I have been to Japan in the past on a couple of occasions and as ridiculous as my next statement will sound, I wasn’t really there for photography purposes.  I know, I know, it was a huge loss of opportunity but hey, here we go again!  My timeline for this is sometime in the late Fall.  I want to do a lot of hiking (including MT. Fuji) and as such the Spring cherry blossoms must be sacrificed.  I was also planning on walking around 1200km on foot from Hiroshima to Tokyo but as cool as that would be, it will not give me a lot of time to venture off the beaten path and explore.  Since this trip, unlike the last, will be strictly focused on photography, I want to give myself the opportunity to venture of the beaten path as much as possible because, at least for me, that is where the interesting shots come from.  As such, I will probably end up buying a JR pass to offset part of the hiking on the more rigorous part of the trip.  Anyway, I need to get planning and set something in stone so that this thing can happen.

If there is enough support for this idea, I was actually going to set this trip up on kickstarter to help out with some of the travel expenses.  It is also fun to get the community involved and have them feel like they are on the trip with me.  That is, after all, the entire purpose of this blog.  I want to take you guys with me and share my travels and experiences.

Iceland was actually supposed to happen in 2014.  Due to lack of planning (which I am trying to avoid this year) my buddy and I ended up going on an American adventure instead.  That trip you can read about in my previous post about the drive through Yellowstone down to Nevada and then flying to New Orleans.  It was EPIC but Iceland is also quite EPIC.

I am a little torn on both of these places as you can probably tell from my writing being all over the place.  Perhaps I will let the audience choose this one.  If so, feel free to continue sending me feedback but messages are fine too ;d.  I notice not too many people like to leave those! Come on!

These are basically my two locations for large projects.  However, there are a few places in my backyard (the Rockies) that I have some amazing plans for.  I hope you can all stay tuned for those to come midway through the year.

That pretty much does it for this post.  I will try to write a little more frequently in the coming months.  I have had a ton of work keeping me busy but no excuses!

I will also make sure to update the status of the travel plans and/or the kickstarter project link.


Thanks for reading!


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