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Rule of Thirds

One of the most well known rules of composition in photography is the rule of thirds. This is most likely the first rule of composition most beginner photographers learn.  By looking at the photograph below, you can probably already figure out why it is called that.

Photography, Photography CompositionThe rule suggests that if you divide a photograph into 3 equal sections (both horizontally and vertically) anything along the lines and especially at the intersecting points of the grid will draw more attention and create more balance for your subject.

Since this is the first rule of composition that I am posting I would like to stress that all rules of composition in photography are simply guidelines.  Breaking them does not mean that your photographs will not be interesting or have balance. That being said, it is important to know them and understand them first so that when you break them you have a specific goal in mind and know exactly what result you are seeking.

TIP: For landscapes place your horizon either on the bottom horizontal line (if the sky is more interesting) or on the top horizontal line (if the land is more interesting) of the rule of thirds grid.  This will create a more pleasing effect for your viewer.


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