Sony A7000

Recently Sony has been on fire.  They have released (what is potentially the best all around camera ever made to date) the A7Rii as well as the RX100iv and the RX10ii (check out my post and link to the official release notes on those if interested). Excluding the rumor driven A9 series which would be the “professional” successor to the A7 series, the one camera system that is realistically still to hit the market this year is the Sony A7000.

To be completely honest, I am far more excited about what the Sony A7000 could offer compared to the A7Rii.  We already knew the A7Rii would be a monster.  For travel however, the Sony A7000 would probably be a much more flexible system for me personally.  If they take the A6000 and make it weather sealed and add the new stacked sensor along with the in body image stabilization, that would be perfect!

There was a rumor listed yesterday (July 8) on sonyalpahrumors.com about the new A7000 having “on sensor” HDR that will make it the first camera to have 15.5 stops of dynamic range for both stills and video.  This is pretty awesome indeed.  However, I am a little worried when I see posts like this that in the increasing market of “world firsts” too many gimmicks are being added to these cameras at, potentially, the expense of features that are actually beneficial.  The sensor technology that will allow for this to be possible however is welcome.  Basically what I want is less stuff that gives you a predefined image result and more stuff that gives you the ability to develop your images how you see fit.  As such, better hardware and improved tech is awesome while software filters and the like are mildly useful but often don’t see much use.

I really hope that the Sony A7000 will include more of the hardware specs we have seen from the recent Sony releases.  To me the smaller form factor and the smaller price point will make it a more viable option for travel (especially travel in more shady parts of the world).

If you would like to see the full article from sonyalpharumors click here.

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