Lighting and Composition in Photography

This is a video I found on the B and H YouTube channel.  It is hosted by Jerry Ghionis who is an amazing wedding photographer.  Now, even if the last thing on Earth you’d want to shoot is weddings, this video will teach you a lot about lighting and composition in photography.  The video is a Continue reading


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Perspective in Photography

Since I mentioned perspective in the introduction to lines it made sense to add its own brief intro as the next post in the series. Perspective is a large beast much like the subject in the image below (my apologies, it had to be done).   On a serious note, the importance of perspective could Continue reading


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Rule of Simplification

The rule of simplification is as straight forward as its name implies.  It states that simple images are more pleasing to the eye. If you crowd your frame what you are actually doing is taking focus away from your main subject and potentially confusing your viewer with regards to what you are actually trying to Continue reading


Rule of Odds

This rule states that groups of odd numbered subjects/objects are more pleasing to the eye.  This is due mostly to the way that our brains process information.  When looking at a photograph your brain will organize and process odd numbered groups easier and thus creating the sensation of pleasure.  So next time you have 4 Continue reading