Backup Your Photos

My previous post in the gear section made a big deal about tripods.  Placing thousands of dollars worth of equipment on something that isn’t stable is like foregoing insurance for a Ferrari. You might as well just roll your camera down the mountain yourself. Okay, so I am exaggerating a little just to illustrate my Continue reading


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Perspective in Photography

Since I mentioned perspective in the introduction to lines it made sense to add its own brief intro as the next post in the series. Perspective is a large beast much like the subject in the image below (my apologies, it had to be done).   On a serious note, the importance of perspective could Continue reading


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HDR – Intermediate Part II

 Step 3. – Lightroom Touchups Continuing from the first part of the intermediate HDR tutorial, we left off with your tonemapped and saved 16-bit .tif file. Here is the photograph I slapped together for the example (not the greatest I know):   Now that we have the image we will import it into Lightroom and Continue reading